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Running Event Photography


Running Event Photography Services

Whether you have a 5k, 10k, half marathon, marathon or anything else, John Kelly Photos has a race photography solution for every event. Our photographers will provide your participants some of the highest quality photographs of themselves during the race.

Participant Images

Participant images are a gold standard for events to offer to their racers. Participant images are thousands of images created with the participant in mind. Participant images can either be provided directly to clients or tagged and hosted on our site for simple, quick and efficient distribution to running event participants.

For standard running events, we usually recommend photographers at the finish line and somewhere on course showcasing the scenery or atmosphere of your event. Usually, having a diverse selection of photos after the event maximizes participant download rates. Depending on the density of your race, we can stack multiple photographers at the various locations to photograph more runners.

Promotional Images

Promotional photography provides you all the super high resolution, unique shots of your event for marketing and promoting your event. Usually, depending on the length of your event, we provide between 100 to 200 high resolution, unique shots, showcasing a mixture of action, scenery, branding, and any shot request you might have. After the event, each image is given considerable individual attention in post processing to get them as close to perfect as possible, and completely turned around within 24 hours of your event, but often on the same day.

For running events, your promotional photographer will often run out on the course with all the racers during the event to capture on course action and scenic shots, hang around the finish line and festival area capturing your event's environment, and showcase the atmosphere of your event through your photos.

Running Event Photography photo

Let us help market your event through photos

Bib tagging

We can quickly process, edit and tag all your event images after the event. Our tagging application has unique search features to maximize results for each participant. We allow participants to tag each other in photos our team could not find tags, significantly increasing the number of tags we capture each event. We handle the logistics of keeping out spam tags, and the participants enjoy their great images in greater numbers. Participants can search for their and their friends' bib number, filter images by location or time, and choose to only view images without tags to help narrow images when no results are found. Additionally, our team will help all participants dig through the gallery to find images of themselves they could not if they have any trouble.

Post Processing and Marketing Solutions

Unlike many photography companies, John Kelly Photos will apply post processing, filtering, and touch ups to every single participant image. These touch ups correspond to a significantly greater download rate of photos after events, maximizing the value of our photography services.

As a marketing incentive to help our clients secure photo sponsors or increase the value of the service for our clients, our bib tagging and image distribution application can be branded and customized to each event's page. These customizations can include 1, 2 or no watermarks on the image that are dynamically placed on the image only when a participant views the image, meaning you can instantly change the watermarks or sell watermark sponsorships even after the event images are published. Additionally, users can be prompted with a one time, non invasive, call-to-action feature, such as liking a Facebook page, or signing up for a next event. All of our image tagging and distribution application pages can be individualized to your specific event's needs both functionally and in appearance.

Running Event Photography photo

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Send us a message and tell us about your event. We can offer your team a complete break down of what we can provide your event and how we will do it, give you samples of how your images will look after an event, and help you with your branding options without you even committing to any of our services. We offer any combinations of our services to make sure you get the photography your event needs.