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Please note, it may take a few days for your event images to be ready. Some clients have requested we NOT post images to our site. Instead, the client has posted images to their own website. Be sure to check with your event and follow John Kelly Photos on Facebook to stay up to date on all information pertaining to your event photos.

This list only includes our recent events. If you lost the link to your event from the past, and need help finding the gallery again, first check our Facebook page to see if we posted a link there. If you still can't find it, send us an email and we will help you out!

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So, what are we about?

John Kelly Photos is a Missouri-based Limited Liability Company owned and operated by John Kelly. John Kelly Photos' purpose is to provide high quality event, sport and racing photography solutions to clients and participants. John Kelly Photos brings together highly talented and passionate photographers with event organizers in order to provide unparalleled event photography solutions to clients across the country. Find out what we are about below.

High Quality Race Photography Services for your Event

National Coverage

John Kelly Photos covers events across the country with a network of high quality, professional sports photographers that are highly experienced with racing events, endurance sporting events, OCR, triathlons and other running events.

A solution for every event

Whether you are a 10,000 participant national OCR chain, a small, 300 person 5k event, or something in between, John Kelly Photos has a high quality photography solution for your event.

High-res promotional photos

Our promotional photography is everything you need when you are looking for high-resolution, up-in-the-action shots to help market your event. We think our photos speak for them self, but check them out here!

Reward your sponsors

John Kelly Photos' image distribution application allows the chance for your sponsors to connect with participants and ensure the highest return on their investment in your event.

Sleek image distribution app

Our fully optimized web-based image distribution application facilitates the process of getting thousands of images to the individual participants. Utilizing bib tagging, custom search filters, and the ability for friends to tag their friends, finding images is a breeze!

We're quick!

We know participants don't want to wait for their photos, and event companies are eager to share pictures after a race. That's why we offer incredibly quick turn around times on all your images, including next day image availibility on select events.

Don't other companies offer these? Why choose John Kelly Photos?

When you hire many photography companies to cover your event, you often aren't exactly sure what you are getting into. You may work with any number of people in any number of departments, the photographers at your event might be seasoned professionals or possibly just a 'guy with a camera', and you have to communicate your events' needs all to marketing specialist, web developers, sales department, photographers, and any one else part of the larger companies' work flow. When you choose John Kelly Photos, you work with one person for everything. You eliminate the guess work on the quality of the final images after an event because we only use photographers who meet our strict standards in experience, equiptment, and throughput. You get full transparency in our work flow, timely updates on our service, and full accountability from our team. John Kelly Photos has more flexibility in how we handle your events, which means we can create a custom service for any of your events. Need custom web applications, faster turn-around times, and someone to accomodate your impossible shot-list? No problem! You get all the services and reliability of working with a larger company bundled with the personilization and accountability of working with an individual. Check out our standard services below, or get in touch with us and we can work out the perfect custom solution for your event!

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We are experts in Race Photography, Sports photography & Event Photography.

Our services

Promotional Photography

Promotional or "Promo" photos are high-quality/high-resolution photographs used for marketing and advertisement. Promotional photos are individually edited and processed. You will generally receive between 100-150 depending on how long your event is. Promotional photography usually gives you the material to produce those "wow" images you see from large racing and endurance sporting events, and is good for everything including marketing, advertisement, product branding, social media, and everything else.

Check out a few of our favorites below, or head to our Facebook page to see more promotional photos!

John Kelly Photos event sport and race photography
John Kelly Photos event sport and race photography
John Kelly Photos event sport and race photography
John Kelly Photos event sport and race photography
John Kelly Photos event sport and race photography
John Kelly Photos event sport and race photography
John Kelly Photos event sport and race photography
John Kelly Photos event sport and race photography
John Kelly Photos event sport and race photography
John Kelly Photos event sport and race photography
John Kelly Photos event sport and race photography
John Kelly Photos event sport and race photography
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Course Photography

Course photography is the colletion of lower-resolution, well composed, bulk quantity, photoraphs of the participants during the event or race. Photographers that capture these photos are often fixed to a certain position along the race course, trying to capture as many participants that pass them as possible. These photos are best used for distribution to participants following the event. Because our team may take several thousands of these images, they are lower resolution than our promotional photography images, and often not suited for marketing uses. These photos are batch edited and can be marked with sponsor logos or watermarks prior to distribution in order to provide sponsorship incentive to the sponsors of your event.

Participants often choose events based on incentives. Why not offer them the best event photos?
Some of the best types of events to offer course photography at are:

John Kelly Photos has experience with all kinds of events. If you don't see your type of event above, or want to know more information, feel free to contact us with any questions.

Bib tagging and image distribution

Bib tagging is becoming standard at every event. Participants don't want to dig through tens of thousands of images after an event to find their photos. While many companies offer bib tagging, John Kelly Photos does it better. In cases where participants are not able to be tagged for any reason, our application excels by offering many innovative ways for participants to find their photos. The participants will be happy, and that reflects well on your event!

John Kelly Photos John Kelly Photos

The bib tagging and web-based distribution application includes several tools to facilitate finding images. The app is hosted on a private server during the event to ensure faster acquisition of photos for participants. Our system facilitates searching tens of thousands of images down to a few moments through various searching methods and includes neat features that allow participants to tag their friends in photos and share images directly to Facebook.

Let our team of professional photographers cover your event.

Get in touch with us today to book your event or request a quote.

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If you prefer, you may contact john@johnkellyphotos.com directly. Please be sure to include all the information requested in the form below.

Prospective Photographers

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