Race Photography Services

We offer a range of specialized event photography services for your events. Whether you are operating a small 5k, a mid sized mud run, or a large scale half marathon or road race, we can work out the best photography solution for your event.

What we do?

We are a company whose primary concern is delivering the highest quality results to event participants and our clients. Above all else, we strive to make sure each participants gets the highest quality photographs they can actually use and our clients receive consistently impressive quality of our deliverables.

Superior Bib Tagging and Photo Distribution

Our image distribution platform is built in-house from the ground up with event participants in mind. Our search features facilitate the process of finding images in thousands of event photos for participants and our robust multi-factor tagging method results in greater number of bibs tagged compared to many other options on the market.

Our Bib Tagging Platform

We offer customization on all our tagging pages, giving you the greatest flexibility in what you get out of our platform. Our features include dynamic watermarking, where you can modify or completely change your event image watermark at anytime, even after images have been posted online, custom call-to-action features for your webpage, such as one-time prompts for participants to sign-up for future events or visit your website. Additionally, regardless if we take 1,000 or 30,000 images at your race, all of your participants' images are processed and batch edited before being posted online, which results in higher download rates of photos after an event.

What Sets Apart Our Photography?

John Kelly Photos is very different from most photography companies. We want to work with clients that value high quality photography for their event and are invested in making sure that their race participants consistently receive the best quality images possible. John Kelly Photos is always looking to partner with new events. However, we only partner with events that we can properly provide services too. It is our mission to never provide less than spectacular photography to event participants and our clients.

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We Demand More From Our Photographers

To ensure your event receives the best possible results and that our company never distributes a poor quality final product, we use a specialized network of carefully selected photographers who are highly experienced in the industry. We demand a lot from our photographers to ensure that everything runs as smoothly as possible. All of our photographers are required to have redundancies in place to ensure seamless delivery of your event photos.

Image by Alyssa Matzat

Your event done right, every time.

We make no exceptions to this rule. If you contract with us for your race photography, we will ONLY staff it with the best of the best. Our photographers are highly experienced, confident, and able to adapt to any situation your event can throw at us. There is no guess work in the quality you receive. Our clients are those that value consistent, exceptional quality photography, and that is the only way we staff events.

Get in touch with us

Send us a message and tell us about your event. We can offer your team a complete break down of what we can provide your event and how we will do it, give you samples of how your images will look after an event, and help you with your branding options without you even committing to any of our services. We offer any combinations of our services to make sure you get the photography you need.