Integrated Event Operations Management

John Kelly Photos collaborates with On Path Events to provide endurance racing events with the best integration of photography and event operations and management services available. This combination of services enables seamless cooperation between the critical aspects of promoting an event and simplifies the communication process between vendors, sponsors, race staff, photography staff and on site volunteers and event participants.

About On Path Events

On Path Events brings 15 years of experience from hundreds of events nationwide to the table. On Path Events has established a reputation in the industry as being unrivaled in quality of services, being forward thinking and on the leading edge of technology in the industry.

On Path Events offers an unparalleled breadth of knowledge in several markets, and a continuous drive for improvement that integrates bi-directional partnerships with local partners, continuous innovation, and maintaining a healthy love for event production that ranges from last minute volunteering to operations leads on the largest events in the country.

Why On Path Events?

On Path Events gives focused attention to race directors, not as a timing company with 6 events a weekend, but as a specialty company with limited projects each weekend and a strong command of every component of the operation from start to finish. On Path Events is a networker that translates needs across all vendors and stages of the race production process.

What can On Path Events do for your event?

What is to gain by integrating high quality photography with operations?

Effective sponsorship/’free’ photography requires a complex understanding of the operational, marketing, and sponsorship needs of a race. It is no longer about selling a technically good portrait to a smiling runner; it is about creating a promotional album of the race that makes their friends say "that looks cool, I’m going to sign up". By integrating photo with operations, we find efficiencies in time and money, and improvements in quality by unifying the language and priorities of the entire race team. No longer is a photographer just someone who shows up and sells photos of runners - they are an essential member of your race experience team.

Who we are

John Kelly

John Kelly (John Kelly Photos) brings years of industry photography experience to the table. John has provided photography services to events all over the country ranging from small local races to some of the largest events in the nation since 2014. He creates unique promotional images to market events as well as coordinates photography teams on the ground on race day. Additionally, John is a software engineer and web developer who has worked with clients around the country to develop applications and unique features pertaining to individual event's photography needs for numerous events. Prior to John starting John Kelly Photos, John lead photography teams as an independent contractor for some of the largest races and race serious in the United States. John has photographed events and race series such as the J.P. Morgan Corporate Challenge, BolderBoulder, The San Francisco Marathon, The Hot Chocolate Run, The Las Vegas Marathon, Rugged Maniac, Tough Mudder, Under Armour Mountain Racing Series, and many more. During this time John has created a strong network of photographers and developed industry standards pertaining to event photography in order to provide unrivaled quality of images to events, their sponsors and participants.

Josh Reed

Josh Reed (On Path Events) brings 15 years in event experience on over 1,000 event sites - beyond races and into the worlds of festivals, concerts, conventions, and meetings. From his early days in the study of sociology and community development, Josh has traveled around the country eager to learn the best ideas and trends in event operations to help racing communities grow and thrive. In the past several years he has managed some area of operations on dozens of the top 100 races in the country, including Marathons in Dallas, Houston, Denver, Twin Cities, Baltimore, San Francisco, & Milwaukee areas, as well as the BolderBoulder, Hot Chocolate Series, the 27,000 person one-off Tunnel to Viaduct run in Seattle, and several major Turkey Trots and St. Patrick's Day Races. In this time he helped develop multiple free/sponsored photography platforms and advance best practices in photography management, where he met John. The two bonded over a love for providing personal, customized service to races, as well as climbing mountains and not least, playing with dogs. He currently holds the title of RD or Assistant / Ops Director on the 7-race Irving (TX) Marathon Series, and several other races in Dallas and Denver.

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