Frequently Asked Questions

When are photos from an event available?

On average, photos are available on the Tuesday after a weekend event. Photos from an event are available at the latest the Thursday after an event.

I can't find any photos of me from the event

If you typed in your bib number and no images came up, try using our various search filters to narrow your results. If you still need help, please contact us for support, we will be happy to help!

I don't see my event listed when looking for my images

Not all our clients use our image application. If an event is not posted on our website, rather some post the images to their own site that we take for them. We usually post a link to the client's gallery on our Facebook page. If you still don't see it, feel free to contact us!

I would like to use these images for commerical use, may I?

Not without express written permission from John Kelly Photos LLC. Please email to inquire on permissions.

Can I use these images on my blog?

If your blog is for personal use, or non-business or non-commercial use, you are good to go! If you want to use any images for a commercial blog, please contact us to inquire about permission.

Are higher resolution images available?

We usually provide images at 2100x1400px. This is usally more than enough for social media and personal use, but occasionally we post larger resolution versions to our Facebook page. We may also occasionally post larger resolution images to our application, however, the size available when you download the photo is generally the largest size we may make available.

Can I request to have my image removed or not put online?

If the image is on our web application, you may contact us to request a photo removal. Usually, we only grant removals for serious privacy concerns or safety reasons. We may ask you to show I.D. to prove you are the person in the photo. If the image is not on our domain, we have no way to remove it.

I don't want to be tagged in images anymore. Help!

Please contact us for support and we will try to remove any user added tags.

I am having trouble using your website

If you are having trouble using the website, first make sure that you are using a modern browser like Chrome, Safari or Firefox. If the problem persist, please contact

Why is John Kelly Photos the best provider of event photography?

Thanks for the compliment! Our team works hard to be the best at what we do!